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Quiz Games General Knowledge


Now it’s your time to show off your intelligence skills in pop culture, music, sports, and history quiz games offline. Discover an exciting new world of fun quiz questions and answers. Start a nerdy adventure and play a game that test your knowledge. From geography trivia and Pop Culture to movie trivia and history quizzes galore. Choose your path: play levels and solve more than 1000 general knowledge questions or pick a category and play free trivia games offline.

Features for Quiz Games General Knowledge
  • 1000+ questions on various topics
  • 6 most popular categories: Pop Culture, Music, Movies, Sports, History, and Geography
  • Collect coins to use them for hints in trivia quiz games
  • Unlock new levels and new categories
  • Read Fun Facts and learn something interesting
  • Play fun quiz games for adults and all ages
  • Guessing quizzes is entertaining and helps you see how smart are you

This incredible game presents random questions for you and you have to guess the correct answer. If some questions are hard, you can use hints, or skip them. Can you guess the celebrity on a blurred picture? What is the name of that monument in the picture? So many fun questions to solve.

The Gameplay
  • Create a profile: choose an avatar and keep track of your progress
  • Collect stars to complete a level and unlock new levels
  • If you’re stuck, skip a question or use hints
  • Each star includes 5 random questions in trivia games
  • One category has 180 questions in three difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard
  • A variety of quizzes: multiple choice, find letters, guess the word, match pairs, blurred pictures, and more

An awesome general knowledge game brings beautiful graphics and design to your screens. Geography, pop culture, music trivia, or world history quiz with answers. The gameplay is addicting and you keep wanting to play more and learn more. Play and read fun facts to learn.

Fun Quiz Questions And Answers

How smart are you? Enjoy playing a gk game and test your history, geography, or sports trivia knowledge. Answering questions correctly will give you an instant confidence boost. Install brain games for adults and all generations to see who’s the smartest. Complete levels, collect coins and use them to get more hints.

Fun Quiz Games With Pictures

Download music trivia games free of charge on your mobile phone. Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Play a general knowledge game with random questions to find out. Boost your brain with US history trivia. Guessing quizzes about celebrities, sports, and more await.

Trivia Quiz Games

Discover a world of original quizzes and answer every question correctly. Try Geography or History quizzes with Flags of The World and history facts. Maybe you’ll excel at answering trivia about Pop Culture, guess the celebrity in music trivia, or questions about sports? Test your general knowledge with this fun new quiz game.