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Custom Keyboard Themes: KeyPad


Customize your phone by changing the keyboard theme. Pick monochromatic or colorful keyboards for your phone and have fun typing. The keypad changer also allows you to create your own keyboard theme by choosing the background image, keys, and other elements.

  • Emoji keyboard download is suitable for your phones
  • Enable/disable vibration while typing
  • Turn on/turn off auto-correction in keypad changer
  • Turn on/turn off letters press pop up
  • Enable/disable text prediction for the keypad app
  • Select keypad language
  • Keypad sound – pick the sound or turn it off
  • Create your own keyboard with customization options. Pick a keyboard background. Select the buttons’ shape and color for keypad design. Choose letters font and color to create great qwerty keyboard.
  • Change the default keyboards for your phone and choose this cool typing app. Set custom keyboards. All keyboards with emojis can be unlocked for 3 keys.

You can get an emoji keyboard download free of charge today. The colorful keyboards with autocorrect are great to use and help you type correctly and quickly. This keypad app is very useful if you want to send grammatically correct messages. Also, the cute keypads will look great and match your theme.

Custom keyboards themes and fonts

Colorful keypads with the font, text, and style you choose won’t distract you from typing the buttons. There are many custom keyboard apps. But, now you can create the keypad theme yourself. Just install the emoji keyboard customizer on your phone.

How to make your new keypad stylish?

Try the custom keyboards that you can put pictures on. This way you can customize your phone. The qwerty keyboard maker has many options for you to select and personalize. Choose the keypad wallpaper, buttons, colors, styles, and fonts. Type with precision and in style.

cool keyboard Maker

Standard qwerty keyboard theme functionalities are combined with the keypad stylish themes, buttons, backgrounds, and fonts! The cool keyboard maker supports many personalization options. If you want cute keypads, this is the app for you.