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2023 Calendar Schedule Planner


We love calendars, and hopefully, you’ll love them too. Your life can be simpler and more organized if you start scheduling appointments and planning. To help you with every task list, we present a daily planner organizer.

How to use the digital planner?
  • Choose default view – Daily View, Weekly View, Monthly View
  • Customize Event Types – name Event Type and assign a color to it, or edit existing types
  • Personalize Themes – Choose Dark / Light theme, and select the preferred design
  • Choose the language – localized into 11 languages
  • Set date format and first day of the week for visual planning
  • Use the search event option to easily find a created event in calendars, or edit events
How to add event to a custom calendar?

Long press on the date or the time you want to add the event. Click on the plus sign in the upper right corner of the calendar app. Set the beginning and end date, location, and add notes or to do lists.

Features for the calendar app
  • A weekly organizer that doesn’t take up much space on your devices
  • A simple tasks app is great if you want to optimize your time
  • Use a daily agenda planner to save time and make the most of your days
  • Choose different calendars views: month, day, week preview, and agenda planner
  • Schedule tasks in the schedule maker to stay organized
  • Increase productivity with visual planning in the business planner
  • A simple calendar for mobile phones for better planning and scheduling
  • Easy schedule in daily agenda planner and productivity app

This business planner organizer can also be used for booking appointments and planning your work day. Add a daily task in the calendar planner and assign colors to create a visual schedule. Everyday can be more efficient with visual planning for every task list in your agenda planner.

calendar organizer

There are so many options in this free planner that you’ll love. First, you can use the calendar organizer to make events and create tasks. Beyond simple to do lists and notes, you can create all kinds of events by assigning colors for visual planning.

business planner

Every task that you make can also be edited. Add birthdays, appointments, business meetings, and more. Track your everyday activities and workload with daily to do lists. This is a very useful app for your smartphones. Create your beautiful calendars.